Sin Dethroned


Study Questions

1. If you experienced what we call "believer" baptism, in other words, not an infant, what do you recall from it? What were you feeling/sensing in that experience?

2. Can you articulate some areas of your life that would have characterized your "old self" versus you "new life in Christ?"

3. In what ways do you experience sin trying to "reign" in your life? How have you resisted that?

4. In your own words, what does it mean for you personally to "present your members as weapons of righteousness?"

5. How have you fought the battle to live under grace as opposed to under the law?

Descending Into Greatness or How God Cares For You

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Study Questions

1. What has you fragmented right now?

2. Which pieces do you tend to "take back" from God?

3. Is there an area of your faith where you tend to "doze off" and lose your sharpness?

4. How have you, in retrospect, seen God's purposes manifested in your suffering?

5. Of the four actions God takes, restoring, confirming, strengthening, or establishing, which are you in the greatest need of?

To Shepherd and Be Shepherded Through Trials

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Study Questions

1. What do you think would be the hardest thing about being a shepherd?

2. Can you share a time when you felt shepherded or when you did some shepherding within the church?

3. What part of shepherding the church would be the most difficult for you; knowing, feeding, leading, or protecting?

4. Is there an area of life where it is tougher to be "low minded?"

5. Share a time when you truly felt God's grace upon your life.

Peter's Persecution Protocol

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Study Questions

1. Did you have a hero growing up; someone you wanted to be like?

2. Can you identify a time and/or situation where you felt persecuted or were your faith was being tried? How did you react?

3. What do you believe to be warranted criticisms of the church at large today?

4. If you had to isolate one area where you feel the need for God to purify you, what would that area be?

5. We rarely discuss, or want to discuss, the wrath of God and his justice. How do you balance the concept of a loving God and a just God? How would you for a non-believer?

Is there an area of your life, more than another, that is hard for you to entrust to God?