The King of Israel


Study Questions

1. What are some of the most common barriers to faith that you have heard?

2. Did you at any time pre-conversion have a barrier that was difficult to get over?

3. How would you answer someone who claimed they could never be accepted by Jesus?

4. Who “invited” you to “come and see” Jesus?

5. How do you react to the knowledge that Jesus “sees” you, as he saw Nathanael?

6. Can you share a time when you were like the Prodigal Son; doing your own thing with no regard for God? What/whom drew you back?

The Praise Worthy King


Study Questions

1. Was there something for which you were praised as a child that you still vividly recall today?

2. If you were to “speak well” of God and his “might works,” on your behalf, what would you say?

3. What is it that inhibits our praise of God?

4. How have you experienced the sense of God’s presence flowing from your praising him?

5. Have you ever experienced God’s “weaponry” of praise in any situations?

The King Who Is To Be Worshiped


Study Questions

1. When you think of all of the various aspects of worship, both the physical and spiritual, what takes the most effort for you?

2. What have you always believed about the wise men, or the magi?

3. How have you experienced the enemy’s attacks in and around your worship life?

4. What does it mean to you that we are to be the sacrifice for acceptable worship?

5. Where in your life do you fight the tendency to conform?

6. If there’s one thing that you’d like transformed in your life, spiritually speaking, what would it be?

Birthday of a King - The Humble King


Study Questions

1. Share about your most memorable birthday celebration. What age were you turning? What made it memorable?

2. What comes to mind when you think of the word "humble?"

3. When do you find yourself most interested in self?

4. Who has been a good example of a servant to you? What distinguishes them as so?

5. In what area of your life is it the most difficult for you to "die?"

Foolish Controversies


Study Questions

1. What are some trivial things that 21st century Christians argue about?

2. What are some Christian beliefs that are definitely in the "essential" category? Name some that are definitely "non-essential."

3. What should we do, as a church, with contentious people? How do you feel about this?

4. How do you see Paul contrasting being right with doing right in Titus 3?

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