The Taste of Grace

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Study Questions

1. Can you share a time when you were particularly struck by the grace of God"? What were the circumstances surrounding that experience?

2. What was your first experience of truly hearing the word of God preached to you? How old were you and where were you living at the time?

3. Peter tells us to put away, or “strip off” malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander. Is there one of these that convicts you more than another, if even subtly?

4. Peter speaks of “growing up into salvation.” What are your “growing edges” as you continue to mature in your faith?

The Call To Holiness

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Study Questions

1. Can you think of a time when you did something for someone and it went completely unnoticed or unappreciated.

2. Upon what peripheral issues to we sometimes place emphasis rather than upon salvation in Christ?

3. What are some of the “passions” of the world that occupy our minds?

4. What consumed you as a person prior to becoming to Christ? How has that changed?

5. How do we sometimes rationalize our behavior due to our living as “exiles?”

Real Hope

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Study Questions

1. Do you recall having something for which you hoped when you were a child or a young person? What became of that hope?

2. As you observe people, what are some of the temporal things in which hope is placed?

3. Why do you think the testing of our faith would be deemed “necessary” by God? Does it bother you to think of God “testing” us?

4. Can you share a time when you felt your faith was truly being tested? What was the outcome?

5. Can you share a time when your testing resulted in praise to God?

Called, Tested, Holy -- 1 Peter

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Study Questions

1. Do you have a “favorite” Bible character? Whom, and why?

2. Can you share a circumstance that at the time was very difficult, but you soon saw the purpose in it?

3. Share a time when you truly felt like an “exiled” believer.

4. Is it difficult for you to accept that God may have even orchestrated difficult circumstances?

5. When it comes to being shaped by God, where in your life is it the most difficult to yield?

6. How would you explain a “plethora” of grace and peace? What would that look like in your experience?

The King of Israel


Study Questions

1. What are some of the most common barriers to faith that you have heard?

2. Did you at any time pre-conversion have a barrier that was difficult to get over?

3. How would you answer someone who claimed they could never be accepted by Jesus?

4. Who “invited” you to “come and see” Jesus?

5. How do you react to the knowledge that Jesus “sees” you, as he saw Nathanael?

6. Can you share a time when you were like the Prodigal Son; doing your own thing with no regard for God? What/whom drew you back?